New Monterey

New Monterey – above Cannery Row

New Monterey is mainly the section of Monterey that is above the Cannery Row area between Pacific Grove and the downtown area.  To get to New Monterey you usually go thru the “tunnel”.  There is a special Neighborhood Association for this area – The New Monterey Neighborhood Association.

There is also a special business district for this area “The Lighthouse District” named for the main street running thru this area. One of the biggest and best known businesses in this area of course is the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Important Social Organizations would include the Monterey Senior Center. They have a multipurpose room that can be reserved for meetings and also a group BBQ area.

Some of the houses in this area overlook the beautiful Monterey Bay with great views. If you are looking for a home in this or any area of Monterey or the Monterey Peninsula give me a call for more information!  There are also a number of small neighborhood parks in the area such at the Cypress Street Park on of course Cypress Street. This small local park’s claim to fame is the aqua colored geodesic climbing dome – a real kid magnet!

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