Property Tax Appeals

Property Tax Appeals – You might lower them!

Property Taxes in Monterey County, California are paid in two installments. The first installment is late if not paid by December 10, each year. The second installment must be paid by April 10th. There is a 10% penalty for paying late! You can pay your taxes online or by phone thru the the Monterey County Tax CollectorThe tax collector does not generate your tax bill. This is done thru the Tax Assessor’s office.
Application to change your Property Tax Assessment
Clerk of the Board
The Monterey Tax Collector may change your property tax bill during a drop in prices, but very slowly. You have to be pro-active and do this yourself! For Monterey County we usually estimate taxes at 1.25% of the value of your home. So if you paid $650,000 for a home in 2005 and now similar homes are selling for $350,000. Your home could be overvalued by $300,000. So a reduction in property taxes could save you $3750 per year!!
Property Tax Assessment Appeal Forms for Monterey County
Affidavit in Support of Application for Changed Assessment
Instructions to complete form
Appeals Guide for Residential Property for California Residents (19 pages in pdf form)

This info is for information purposes only. We are not tax advisers or assessors. This info is for resource purposes to help you find out for yourself if you can reduce your tax bill for your property! If you need comparable sales check the solds on our website or email or call Eileen for help with comparable sales to help lower your bill!